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Cosmetic dentistry includes the latest and most advanced procedures of dental medicine.
Patients today are looking for a complete aesthetics and we are here to make their wishes come true. Sometimes we change the patient's smile with a simple procedure. The best example is teeth whitening. After only an hour, the patient's smile is more beautiful and appealing. Sometimes the smile makeover can involve a large number of procedures in order to obtain a perfect result.
Cosmetic dentistry is our main preoccupation; therefore we can guarantee you achieving top results in your smile reconstruction or popular ''smile makeover''.


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The natural tooth colour differs from person to person and depends on the thickness of dental enamel, on tooth structure and on age of the patient. Since the teeth are under constant influence of external factors, lifestyle and nutritional habits, they change colour over years. Tooth discolorations are the result of deposits retention, which is solved by tartar removing and sandblasting.
Deep tooth discolorations can be recognized by the fact that entire tooth gets darken and whitening solves such discolorations.
Among a large number of whitening products available today, there are two main groups:
  • Whitening products
  • Bleaching products

The first group includes a wide range of toothpastes that can't whiten your teeth. The second group includes the products containing a chemical compound that whiten your teeth and needs to be performed under the dentist's supervision.

How safe is teeth whitening?
Safety of teeth whitening is what interests every patient and is one of the first questions before the teeth whitening treatment.
Studies have shown that the teeth whitening is not harmful, on the contrary, the latest products used in this process contain fluoride that enhances tooth remineralization after the treatment.
If the tooth whitening is performed by an uneducated person and not by a dentist, it could be very harmful for your gums and teeth – the teeth can become hypersensitive and the gums irreparably damaged. Only the whitening performed by educated dentists specialized for cosmetic procedures of the teeth whitening, is completely safe.
It's important to point out the fact that teeth whitening is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and is not recommended for the patients with periodontitis, so we suggest you to consult with us before the procedure. Besides, prior to teeth whitening we will suggest you if it will be necessary to remove plaque and other persistent deposits from teeth in order to achieve the best result. Maybe after the treatment it will be necessary to replace current fillings in your teeth in order to refresh your smile and to achieve a unique coloration because the whitening can't change the colour of fillings, crowns or bridges.

Methods of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be done at home or in the dentist's office.
Teeth whitening at home is possible thanks to specially designed custom made trays that resemble mouthguards in which is placed whitening gel. The whitening treatment is performed over the period that generally extends from 2-4 weeks in which patient is wearing a tray and goes for regular dental check-ups.
The advantage of professional teeth whitening is primarily in direct supervision of a dentist during the whole treatment and in velocity of the procedure. Professional teeth whitening is done with the help of whitening gels with higher concentration of active substance and depending on type of activation there are two types of teeth whitening: teeth whitening using the lamp and laser teeth whitening.
At the Dental Centre Mostarac we offer two popular methods of professional whitening: teeth whitening using the Beyond lamp and teeth whitening using Epic Biolase laser.

Laser teeth whitening
Laser teeth whitening is the most modern, most advanced and most successful whitening method. This method has proven to be 30% more successful than the currently popular Zoom teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening is completely painless, safe and very effective even in the case of persistent teeth discolorations. Thanks to this method, it's possible to whiten the teeth up to 12 shades in only 30 minutes. The teeth whitening level differs from patient to patient and depends on the type of pigment and tooth discoloration, the thickness of the enamel, the tooth structure and the patient's age. During the procedure the whitening gel is applied to the surface of teeth and exposed to laser for only 1 minute in order to activate the reaction of pigments and discoloration removal. The gel remains on the teeth for another 5 minutes after which teeth are washed. In case of more resistant pigmentation and discoloration, the procedure can be repeated. After the laser teeth whitening treatment you are going to have a brighter and more beautiful smile!

Teeth whitening with lamp
Teeth whitening with lamp is very popular. The procedure lasts only one hour where, if necessary, your teeth are covered with gel two or three times and illuminated by a special lamp. The reaction that occurs releases the pigments and tooth discolorations without damaging the enamel. The results are extraordinary and with this method it's possible to whiten the teeth up to 6 shades.

Maintaining teeth after whitening
When the teeth have reached the desired colour, you will maintain it with regular oral hygiene and by avoiding the consumption of coffee, dark tea, cigarettes and other coloured food and drinks that negatively affect your teeth colour. Depending on your habits and whitening method, the results can last up to two years along with regular maintenance of oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.
If you want to obtain a maximum effect of the procedure, after teeth whitening with laser or lamp we can make you a tray, which will highlight white colour of your teeth.

Let your smile shine – show the perfect whiteness to the people around you!

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that bond directly to the surfaces of the teeth in order to create a new, more beautiful and more aesthetic front surface of the teeth. They are used to change the shape, colour, position and size of the tooth. Veneers can be used to close the gaps between teeth, to cover darkened tooth and reconstruct broken tooth or teeth. During the procedure, a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed in order to create a base to which a veneer is bonded. Cosmetic veneers can bring you back a natural and long lasting smile. It's a popular way of improving appearance of your teeth and ''smile makeover''.

Composite veneers are a cheaper option of smile beautification. The composite technology has recently made a remarkable progress in obtaining excellent aesthetic and functional results. Composite veneers can be made directly in the mouth or in a lab. To create composite veneers, along with the best materials, are important: knowledge, good planning and therapist’s skills. The benefits are fast realization in one visit and a good price, while the main disadvantage is that they are less durable than porcelain veneers.

A specially designed device that under the pressure releases very small abrasive particles mixed with air and water. These dust particles eliminate dental plaque and this method is recommended for removal of plaque caused by smoking or pigmentation deriving from coloured beverages and coffee. Sandblasting needs to be done to people with pigmented dental plaque because these pigmentations can't be completely removed by ultrasonic dental cleaning.
Also, there is no sense of performing sandblasting without prior removal of dental tartar with an ultrasonic device because hard deposits can't be removed with sandblasting.

Restore your teeth, win back your smile


“Dental health and smile are very important to me. Once or twice a year I visit the Dental Centre Mostarac to refresh my teeth with tartar removal and whitening. I am very satisfied with my dazzling smile that surely opens many doors in my professional career. ”

actress, Zagreb

Marijana Mikulić

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“By nature I am a cheerful person and I laugh very often. My teeth were in really bad shape and it was a high time to do something about it. I booked an appointment and came to dr. Mostarac. This is how began my journey to a brand new smile.
Great thanks to dr. Mostarac and his team!”

entrepreneur, Zagreb

Ivan Grbavac

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"I promised to my self that I’ll “fix” my smile before the wedding, and I did it! In Slovenia dental services are more expensive so I decide to come to Croatia.
I feel satisfied and happy with my new smile. Everything I was bother about all my life was gone in a week!"

nurse, Velenje - SLO

Branka Lončar

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“Dr. Mostarac is the best dentist I've ever visited, including Swiss dentists. Top expert and very professional in his job. He is very transparent, clear and concise about a therapy. My wife was very sceptic towards Croatian dentists but dr. Mostarac changed her scepticism to optimism!”

manager, Zurich - CH

Filip Matošević

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“Professionalism, courtesy and expertise I felt already on the first visit and I had a wonderful experience. They saved my son's tooth that we considered lost. My children and I are very happy and we recommend the Dental Centre Mostarac to our friends and colleagues.”

actress, Zagreb

Ksenija Marinković

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“My smile was enhanced in just 5 days. Top service, kindness, expertise and thoroughness were enough to recommend dr. Mostarac and his team to all my friends in London and Croatia. ”

physiotherapist, London - UK

Anđa Lučić

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“I had problem with periodontitis for years. Now my periodontitis is cured and I have new teeth. I wish I knew this ten years ago. I would like to thank my director for recommending me dr. Mostarac. Thank you all for everything, especially my new smile.”

sales, Zagreb

Tomo Mioč

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“From a large selection of dentists I decided to come in Dental centre Mostarac. First of all, doctors had to cure all «cured» teeth and than enhance my smile. I'm too satisfied and I would always choose only Dental Centre Mostar.”

teacher, Šibenik

Marijana Burazer

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