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Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the preservation and restoration of lost bone tissue (due to decay, fracture, abrasion and erosion) and on replacing of unsightly parts of a tooth (white spots lesions, discoloration and pigmentation).
Premium dental materials, knowledge and expertise of the therapist and the most sophisticated equipment have influence on quality of restorative procedures.
Whenever restorative methods can ensure the invisibility of the restoration, naturalness, longevity and functional superiority, we rather suggest such less invasive procedures. It means that in cases when a problem can be fixe with the restorative method, we will suggest you exactly that solution rather than for example a crown or a bridge!


Certified dental materials


Trained and competent therapists


Our investment in new technologies impact you satisfaction
Today we try to satisfy the growing demands of patients. The patients are looking for function and high aesthetics. Therefore, the fillings are made with composite materials.
The black, amalgam fillings are not anymore in use in cosmetic dentistry. We suggest you to replace the old silver-black fillings with new, white fillings in order to accomplish better aesthetic results and to remove secondary decay that can often be found under the old amalgam fillings.
The benefits of composites are:

  • Possibility of creating tooth morphology (aesthetics and function)
  • Don’t contain harmful substances (mercury)
  • Tooth-sparing preparation (the preservation of healthy dental tissue)
  • Invisibility (colour adjustment)
  • Rare allergic reactions
There are three important things regarding composite fillings: supreme quality of materials, sophisticated equipment and a skilled therapist.

There are different types of composite materials available on the market. The prices may differ up to five times for the same amount of material, and a patient doesn't know which material his dentist uses. Logically, the higher price of material guarantees the better quality. Since we offer to our clients only high quality fillings, we use only high quality composite materials and we don't skimp on materials.

The technology and sophisticated equipment are an essential factor for successful treatment. Diagnostics, X-rays, the most silent and the most modern micromotors that amortize vibrations, lasers used for gum shaping and to stop bleeding, ozone for disinfection of deep lesions are all at disposal to the therapist at our centre in order to keep the filling in mouth as long as possible intact and to preserve it's quality.

A skilled therapist uses composite materials by the strict rules. He needs to have clean and dry operative field in the mouth. When working with composite materials it's important to apply proper technique. A skilled therapist knows the tooth morphology that is important for proper function and reproduces the same morphology when adding the composite. The tooth then obtains a highly aesthetic and highly functional filling.

Restore your teeth, win back your smile


“Dental health and smile are very important to me. Once or twice a year I visit the Dental Centre Mostarac to refresh my teeth with tartar removal and whitening. I am very satisfied with my dazzling smile that surely opens many doors in my professional career. ”

actress, Zagreb

Marijana Mikulić

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“By nature I am a cheerful person and I laugh very often. My teeth were in really bad shape and it was a high time to do something about it. I booked an appointment and came to dr. Mostarac. This is how began my journey to a brand new smile.
Great thanks to dr. Mostarac and his team!”

entrepreneur, Zagreb

Ivan Grbavac

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"I promised to my self that I’ll “fix” my smile before the wedding, and I did it! In Slovenia dental services are more expensive so I decide to come to Croatia.
I feel satisfied and happy with my new smile. Everything I was bother about all my life was gone in a week!"

nurse, Velenje - SLO

Branka Lončar

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“Dr. Mostarac is the best dentist I've ever visited, including Swiss dentists. Top expert and very professional in his job. He is very transparent, clear and concise about a therapy. My wife was very sceptic towards Croatian dentists but dr. Mostarac changed her scepticism to optimism!”

manager, Zurich - CH

Filip Matošević

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“Professionalism, courtesy and expertise I felt already on the first visit and I had a wonderful experience. They saved my son's tooth that we considered lost. My children and I are very happy and we recommend the Dental Centre Mostarac to our friends and colleagues.”

actress, Zagreb

Ksenija Marinković

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“My smile was enhanced in just 5 days. Top service, kindness, expertise and thoroughness were enough to recommend dr. Mostarac and his team to all my friends in London and Croatia. ”

physiotherapist, London - UK

Anđa Lučić

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“I had problem with periodontitis for years. Now my periodontitis is cured and I have new teeth. I wish I knew this ten years ago. I would like to thank my director for recommending me dr. Mostarac. Thank you all for everything, especially my new smile.”

sales, Zagreb

Tomo Mioč

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“From a large selection of dentists I decided to come in Dental centre Mostarac. First of all, doctors had to cure all «cured» teeth and than enhance my smile. I'm too satisfied and I would always choose only Dental Centre Mostar.”

teacher, Šibenik

Marijana Burazer

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